Quality and fast English French translation service. I am a Professionel Engineer & English French Translator who delivers high quality French and English translations. I translate English to French translator and French translator to English.

Hezee.com, Translation Service
Hezee.com provides professional English French translation services to businesses and particulars worldwide. My mission as an English French translator is to deliver cost effective, quality-centric and timely translations thus helping my clients achieve their goals.

Your publications, your website or different documents are the image you project. If you put any effort into creating a good impression in the original language, you do not want this ruined by a less than perfect English to French translation. Chose carefully your English French Translator.

Get a FRENCH TRANSLATION free quote for your translation needs.


  • Often, it is required to get the gist of a document in a foreign language. Free machine translation is available on line. These free translation tools can often make some fairly basic mistakes that a human translator never would, so don't rely on them for your business critical communication!


  • I doubt that there are many translators who are so determined to do the job right. In short, it's spectacular work, and yes, I highly recommend Hezee.com.
    D.Thievin, CASST

French translator EXPERTISE

English French translation service for individuals and companies alike.

Translation of: letters, newsletters, articles, websites, web documents, booklets, pamphlets, reports, manuals, specifications, etc.

In such fields as: Accounting, air conditioning, and more., automotive, business, business, customer resource management, design, education, financial, health, household and industrial appliances, human resources, information technology, literary, manufacturing, marketing, mining, oil and gas, personnal communications, printing technology, production, public relations, renewable energy, sales, software, technical, travel and more.

When it comes to translating English to French, an English French translator, even an experienced one, finds himself facing a great challenge, doing a too french translator literal French translation and taking refuge in the alibi of being faithful to the source text and having thus satisfied the principles of French translation. It is often the case for a French translator educated in this field but rarely for a French translator with the knowledge of foreign languages by other means than linguistic studies.

If you want to get a clear English French translation, I french translator will translate your documents while adapting the language to the French culture. I am an English French translator born and raised in the French culture.

Obtaining a FRENCH TRANSLATION free quote is fast, You have everything to gain.

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