We translate English to French

We translate English to French

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We translate English to French with experience, quality, speed and expertise

Hezee's creator was raised in a fully bilingual family living in a francophone environment, He was fortunate to attend private schools and study Latin, Greek and advanced French, all of which set a solid background to translate English to French. Knowledge is the first base to set the grounds for a translator to be able to translate many types of subjects and render superb quality translations.

Your publications, your website or different documents are the image you project. If you put any effort into creating a good impression in the original language, you do not want this ruined by below average translations. Chose your translation services carefully.

Translate English to French with EXPERIENCE

A French translator, even an experienced one, faces a great challenge of doing a too literal translation and arguing to be faithful to the source text and thus satisfying the principles of translation. It is often the case for a French translator educated in this field, but rarely for a translator with the knowledge of foreign languages by other means than linguistic studies.

Translating English to French with QUALITY & SPEED

We are continually striving for excellence and are very cost conscientious. High quality translations and fast delivery are our motto. We are able to translate many types of subject and we render superb quality translations.

"I doubt that there are many French translators who are so determined to do the job right. In short, it's spectacular work, and yes, I highly recommend Hezee.com."
D.Thievin, CASST

Hezee translates English to French with EXPERTISE

Translation of: Articles, booklets, letters, manuals, newsletters, pamphlets, reports, specifications, web documents, websites, etc.

In such fields as: Accounting, air conditioning, automotive, business, customer resource management, design, education, financial, health, household and industrial appliances, human resources, information technology, literary, manufacturing, marketing, mining, oil and gas, personal communications, printing, production, public relations, renewable energy, sales, technical, travel , and more.

If you want to get a clear French translation, we will translate your documents while adapting the language to the target culture.

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